Casetta Civinini

The beach - Punta Ala - Tuscany

Casetta Civinini has a private equipped beach, with the characteristic broom beach umbrellas (a typical shrub that grows in the Mediterranean scrub), bed, deckchair and folding chair. You are able to admire the lovely and varied colours of the sea, with the Islands in the background.

There are a range of packages for the guests:
Weekly, 7 consecutive days and car space.
Monthly, 30 consecutive days, even from 1 month to another, and car space.
Season, again with a reserved car space.
Lunch can also be included in the weekly, monthly and season tickets.
Casetta Civinini Casetta Civinini Casetta Civinini
For info and reservations Tel. 0564 922422 - 3342474240 - e-mail:
P.Iva 01418580534
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