Casetta Civinini

Self-service - Punta Ala - Tuscany

Every day the chef prepares his specialities of fresh fish dishes, with classic tasty recipes of seafood salad, stewed mussels, octopus and potatoes, delicious risottos and first courses, and other exclusive dishes, such as the “Casetta risotto”, not to mention our highly acclaimed fried calamari and prawns. There are plenty of excellent alternatives to seafood, from starters through to the main course, and a wide choice of vegetarian dishes, colourful mixed salads, and perfumed fresh fruit salads. Dishes can also be prepared for celiac sufferers further to booking.
You can enjoy your meal comfortably at the dining table, under the gazebos in the beautiful undergrowth with its marvellous colours and perfumes, or under the green sky of the Casetta Civinini pinewood.
Casetta Civinini Casetta Civinini Casetta Civinini
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